• Healthy Eating Recommendations

    DO’s and don’ts list1. It is necessary to sleep in a dark room for at least 6-7 hours a day.2. Get…

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  • Reinforced Concrete Structures

    Development LawCracks in Reinforced Concrete StructuresReinforcement Areas for 100 cm Plate WidthSection Properties of C ProfilesReinforcement Placement Shapes in Slabs…

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  • Steel Structures

    TS 11372 Calculation Rules for Steel Structures Created with Light Cold Formed ProfilesOccupational Safety and Worker Health Regulation in Construction…

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  • Education

    Evaluation of Problems in Civil Engineering Education, Professional Practice Regulations and Occupational Mode Formation

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  • Network Pages of TMMOB and Chambers

    Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects ChambersChamber of Environmental EngineersChamber of Electrical EngineersChamber of Physical EngineersChamber of Marine Machinery Management…

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  • Ministries

    PremiershipMinistry of Justiceenvironment and urban ministryThe Ministry of Labor and Social SecurityMinistry of Forestry and Water ManagementMinistry of Foreign AffairsEnergy…

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  • Search Engines and Site Registration

    Google TürkiyeGoogle Sitenizi EkleyinYandexYandex Sitenizi EkleyinYahooYahoo Sitenizi EkleyinBing TürkiyeBing Sitenizi EkleyinMy NetAmazonAsk

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