Healthy Eating Recommendations

DO’s and don’ts list1. It is necessary to sleep in a dark room for at least 6-7 hours a day.
2. Get Up Early, At Least 6 Days In A Week
. 3. Stay Away From Electronic Vehicles. When Not In Use, Do Not Keep It Open And With You.
4. Do Not Keep Your Computer On
5. Speak Shortly On The Phone
6. Do Not Talk To Your Mobile Phone For More Than 30 Seconds
7. Shampoos And Shower Gels Carcinogenic. Clean your body with soap and

rinse abundantly 8.Walk barefoot on the ground from time to time 9. Make sure that the slippers you wear are not rubber-plastic 10.Unplug the
TV, computer etc. while sleeping at night or turn it off from the main switch
11. Do not keep your mobile phone in the room where you sleep at night
12 .Eat Fish 4 times a week and Fish Bone for Fish Soup is Cancer Preventive. If Possible, Eat Fish with Fish Bone
13. Use Turmeric (Curry) Plenty of Crops in Your Salads, Add Meatballs to Your Soup
14. Day For Two Glasses of Tomato Juice
15. Eat Bran Bread and Bread Crust Municipal Bread Good for Young People
16. If You Want to Use Salt Rock Salt Use
17. Olive oil is beneficial at breakfast, put oregano, mint, curry, into a tablespoon of olive oil and eat
18. Consume Brown Rice
19. Olive Very Helpful Eat Plenty
20. Eat Lean Cheese and Goat Cheese
21. Red Meat twice a week at most You can eat
22.Tea Suggestion: Mix Green Tea + Blackberry + Nettle + Lemon Peel Boil Two Cups A Day Attention People Who Do Not Take This Medicine May Drink This
23. If You Do Not Take Any Medicine Or 6 Hours After The Medication, One Water Glass For Grapefruit Juice 24.While Taking
Herbal Herbs Internet Shopping Come on-the Ministry of Agriculture approval received from whose Pharmacies
25 Synthetic Pillow Quilt Using Cotton Quilt Pillow Healthier
26. Specifically White Inside your laundry to wear it without boiling because whitening substance carcinogenic
27. Do not Include Teflon kitchen glass and steel of cooking in porcelain containers
28. Synthetic Material Containing Do Not Use Carpet
29.Do Not Walk Around Home With Shoes
30. Consume At Least Organic Products Consume Vegetables and Fruits in Season
31. Fast Food Is Carcinogenic
32. Chili Pepper is a Cure for Cancer
33. Consume At least One Village Egg in a Week and Consume More Especially White
34. Apple Vinegar Accelerates Metabolism For One Dessert Spoon a Day (For Women) It Causes Bone Melting. Be careful!)
35. Drink a glass of warm water every morning on an empty stomach
36. Eat Prunes, Blackberries, Strawberries
37. Chlorine Used in Pools is Carcinogenic If You Enter, Take a Shower Immediately
38. Drinking Water: In Istanbul, If You Are Buying The Water Of The Municipality In Izmir Currently, Change Your Brand In 3 Months
39. Roast must yen eating the boiled, steamed
40. Over Heating in Microwave
41 Burnt food are carcinogenic
42. Brushes Teeth brushing the dry brush on Putty put Then Rinse (years not Note: I understand that, I soak the brush in my mouth)
43 Dry Cleaning carcinogenic
44 If Tomato Is Organic or Cancer Prevent In Season
45. Eat the
Apple with its Peel 46. ​​Soak the Fruit in Apple Vinegar for 20 Minutes and Rinse Then Use
47. Consume broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage red radish, black radish, carrot, parsley, fennel, perspiration.
48.Eat the Greenest, Redest, Yellowest Food
49.Consume Green Tea Daytime
50. Consume Black Grape, Black Mulberry, Blackberry Syrup, Pineapple
51. Chinese Made Do Not Use Anything. There are currently Made In China Instead of the PRC (People Republic of China) writes They Be Careful (years not NOTE: This came too heavy to me:  Made in China Nothing!)
52. Milk Substitute buttermilk and yogurt consumed Because milk Animal herbs which Fertilizer Ye Remains can Involved
53 . Nuts, Pistachio, Walnut Crusted Taken country’s so Tüketin
54 in season-Core Watermelon Very Useful
55 Wine of Insecticide Mixing One reason is carcinogenic, Beer Colon Cancer Gene Increases, these Replacing Black Grape Eat
56. Juice Substitute fresh fruit consumed the Juice fatten
57. Prefer active life
58. Walk in an oxygenated environment for at least half an hour and 45 minutes a day
59. If you smoke, it means you will have 85 or 90 percent lung cancer and have a heart attack. When you quit smoking, the body can be renewed in 10 years. Quit Smoking Immediately. Consume Products That Are Red When You Quit, Crush Licorice Root and Black Oak Bark and Take It as Powder. This Makes the Body Cleansing Easier. In 2015, 9 Million People Will Have Lung Cancer. One Person In Twenty Seconds Becomes Lung Cancer.
60. Lung Cancer Symptoms Can Be Detected From Shoulder Pain, High Fever, Cough And Bloody Sputum.
61.Stay Away From Stress Triggers Cancer: Yoga, Meditation, Good for Stress
62. Believe the Doctor, Be Committed to Love of Family so that the Effects of Stress disappear.
63. Grape Seed and Flaxseed Consume One Teaspoon A Day One Water Glass In The Day
64 Consume Kefir In The Evening . It is necessary to get out of the big abscess once a day. If not, the probability of getting colon cancer in the future is high. Pay Attention To This.
65. Menopausal Women Have Edema In Their Bodies To Dispose Of This, Cherry Stalk + Corn Tassel + Parsley Stalk Root + Bay Leaf Soak In Hot Water For 5 Minutes And For A Maximum Of Two Cups A Day, This Accumulating Edema Removes 66.White Flour Avoid
White Sugar And Salt
67. If You Feel Sluggish, Take One Vitamin B And C A Day
68. Cancer Patients Should Not Use Any Herbal Herb Without Consulting Their Doctor. If he is taking medication, he should never use herbs.
69. All Petroleum Products Carcinogenic. It’s Called as Devil’s Feces. Question Whether Everything You Use Is Made From Petroleum Product


Our Brain-Damaging Habits
1. Not eating breakfast: People who do
not eat breakfast  will have a low blood sugar level. This condition leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients for the brain and eventually brain degeneration. 2nd . Overheating:  Causes the brain arteries to harden, leading to a decrease in mental power
3. Smoking:  Causes multiple brain shrinkage and can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
4. High sugar consumption:  Too much sugar stops the absorption of proteins and nutrients and causes malnutrition and can interfere with the development of the brain.
5. Air pollution: The brain is the most oxygen consuming organ in our body. Inhaling polluted air reduces oxygen to the brain and decreases the efficiency of the brain.
6. Sleep insufficiency:  Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.
7. Covering the head while sleeping
: Sleeping with a  head covering increases the carbon dioxide concentration and can cause brain damaging effects. 8. Exercising the brain during illness:  Working hard or learning while sick can lead to a decrease in brain efficiency and can also damage the brain.
9. Lack of stimulating thoughts: Thinking is the best way to train your brain, the lack of brain stimulating thoughts can lead to brain contraction. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku provide good exercise.
10. Talking less:  Mental conversations improve brain activity. Main causes of liver damage1. Don’t sleep too late and don’t get up too late2. not peeing in the morning3. Too much food.4. skipping breakfast5. Consuming too much medication6.Eating too much preservatives, food additives, food dyes and artificial sweeteners7. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil. Reduce your cooking oil as much as possible when frying, even if it’s olive oil, which is the best cooking oil in it. When you are tired, do not eat fried foods if your body is not fit.8. Consuming raw (or overcooked) foods also puts a heavy burden on the liver. Vegetables should be eaten raw or cooked 3-5 portions. Fried vegetables should be consumed in one meal and not stored. THE 5 FOODS THAT CAUSE CANCER1. Hot dogBecause it contains too much nitrate. The cancer protection coalition recommends that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can’t live without hot dogs, buy the one made without sodium nitrate.2. Processed meat and baconThe same high sodium nitrate found in hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meats likewise raises the risk of heart disease. In bacon, saturated fat shares cancer in the same way.3. Butter-fried sugar donut or biteDonuts are double troubles that cause cancer. First, they are made from white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oil, then fried at high temperature. These are perhaps the worst foods you can eat to increase your cancer risk.4. Fried PotatoesLike donuts, fried potatoes are made from hydrogenated oil, then fried at high heat. They also contain acrylamide, which is released during the frying process and causes cancer. They should be called “cancer fries”, not “French fries”.5.Chips, crackers-cookies öi biscuitsAll are usually made from white flour and sugar. Even if it says “free of trans fats” on the label, it usually contains a small amount of trans fat.Could you quote this article to all your loved ones and those who care about you?
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