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Concrete surface hardener for industrial floors subject to heavy loads

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EMERYPLATE is a ready-to-use concrete surface hardener composed of hydraulic binder, chorondum aggregate and other additives, resistant to abrasion and dust, used monolithically on freshly glazed concrete.


In buildings such as factories, warehouses, repair shops, parking lots, garages, fairgrounds, supermarkets, aircraft hangars.

  • Sidewalks, roads, parking lots.
  • It is used on concrete surfaces exposed to light and medium traffic loads such as corridors, terraces, ramps, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, residences and workplaces.
  • On industrial floors subject to heavy loads.


Strength of the concrete surface using EMERYPLATE increases 6-8 times compared to normal concrete.

  • Strength against impacts increases.
  • The absorbent feature of the concrete surface decreases.
  • It reduces dusting on the concrete surface and is easy to clean.
  • High strength occurs on the concrete surface thanks to the low water / cement ratio.
  • Resistance to industrial chemicals such as engine oil, mineral oils, mild acid, detergent increases.
  • The hardener applied becomes a part of the concrete structure.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Resists flaking occurring as a result of freezing-thawing in concrete.
  • Does not rust.


kg / m² depending on the load and traffic density
4-6 kg / m² in light and medium
loads 6-10 kg / m² in heavy loads The
material makes a coating of 2-4 mm thickness on the concrete surface.


25 kg. moisture resistant kraft bag.
Shelf life is at least 6 months when stored in dry and protected environments.


Compressive strength 75 – 80 N / mm2, 28 days Elasticity module 29.500 N / mm2, 28 days Aggregate hardness 8-9 (MOHS) Abrasion resistance (Bohme) 2.10 cm3 / 50 cm2 Impact strength (2000 cycles) <25 %- 30 weight loss Color Gray, red, green, black


Concrete pouring

The concrete to be poured over the existing old concrete must be at least
7 cm thick and capable of bearing the load on it.
Concrete is poured into the prepared slabs and placed well with a vibrating gauge, if necessary, the surface is leveled with a wooden trowel.
The concrete surface to be applied should not be too wet or too dry, and should be so wet that the surface hardener can absorb the moisture it needs. If the water ratio in the concrete is too low and the concrete is dry, the surface hardener will not be structurally combined with the concrete. When the concrete is hardened enough to leave a 2-3 mm deep footprint when walked on, surface hardener application is started.
If there is too much water, there will be segregation in the surface hardener material and there will be a decrease in the strength of the concrete surface. Therefore, if there is ‘bleeding’ water on the concrete, it should be removed.
Surface hardener application

First, 2/3 of the material to be used is spread on the concrete surface homogeneously on the concrete surface by hand or mechanical spreader.
The spread material should be expected to be moistened (change color) by absorbing the water of the concrete, and it should be ensured to integrate with the concrete by disc glazing and feeding it into the concrete.
Then the remaining 1/3 material is spread on the concrete in the same way and glazed.
The fine-finishing finishing after the rough finishing process should be done until the desired smoothness and brightness is achieved by adjusting the glaze and the thin blade angle.
During the application, no water is sprinkled on the surface.


Immediately after the application, before the formation of the joints, the concrete surface should be protected with PROCURE curing agent to prevent rapid evaporation of the concrete water and capillary shrinkage cracks and to add strength to the concrete.
Joint cutting
Joints are cut within 1-3 days.
Joint filling
Application of joint filling should be done after the concrete has completely set, that is, at the earliest 28 days after the concrete application.


Gloves, goggles and masks should be used during application. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and food.
In case of contact with the skin, wash with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes and swallowing, consult a doctor.
The information given about the usage and technical features of our products is based on the most accurate and scientific practical knowledge possible. Draco is only
responsible for the quality of the product . No liability is accepted due to improper use and application. So make sure you use the right product in the right conditions and in the right places.
The information given about this product loses its validity with a new bulletin to be printed when there are new developments.

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