Antistatic Epoxy Coating Specification

(Electrostatically Conductive, Self Leveling Coating System-ESD)

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The job and material definitions below describe the material and application to be used in the antistatic epoxy coating job. Reinforced concrete surfaces will be covered with this system. All materials to be used and all works to be done will comply with the criteria specified below. All relevant quality documents will be provided by the manufacturer.


Materials used:

Sikafloor 156 : 2 Component solvent free epoxy primer.

Sikafloor 220 W Conductive : 2-component electrostatically conductive solvent-free epoxy coating.

Sikafloor 262 AS N : 2 component, epoxy based, electrostatically conductive, solvent free, self leveling coating.

The technical specifications of the products should be as follows.

Sikafloor 156

  • All tests and test results will be according to the relevant standards stated below. A comparison of the values ​​of another standard and test methods with the following specifications will not be accepted.
  • The material is a two-component, low-viscosity, solvent-free epoxy resin.
    • Material unit weight (density) Component A 1.10 kg / l

Component B will be 1.02 kg / l.

  • Compressive Strength of the material to be used will be Mortar: 95 N / mm².
  • Flexural Strength of the material to be used will be Mortar: 30 N / mm 2 .
  • The Adhesion Strength of the material to be used will be 1.5 N / mm 2 .
    • Shore D Hardness of the material to be used: 83 (7 days / + 23 0 C 50% relative humidity DIN53505)

Sikafloor 220 W Conductive

  • 2-component electrostatically conductive solvent-free epoxy coating material.
  • Material unit weight (density) Component A 1.15 kg / l

B component 1.06 kg / l

  • Solids Percentage of the material to be used ~ 44% (by weight), ~ 34% (by volume).

Sikafloor 262 AS N

  • The material is a 2-component, epoxy-based, electrostatically conductive, solvent-free, self-leveling coating.
    • Material unit weight (density) Component A 1.69 kg / l

B component 1.03 kg / l

  • Solid Content Percentage of the material to be used ~ 197% (by weight), ~ 97% (by volume)
  • Abrasion Resistance of the material to be used 100 mg (7 days / + 23 ° C)

3- Surface Preparation

  • During the application, the surface temperature should be between + 10 ° C and + 30 ° C, and the air temperature should be between + 10 ° C and + 30 ° C.
  • The moisture content of the substrate should be 4% by weight (Sika Tramex meter, cm-measurement). There should be no rising humidity according to ASTM. Relative air humidity should not exceed 80%.
  • The concrete surface to be manufactured is clean, solid and with sufficient compressive strength, min. 25 N / mm 2 and min. Tensile Strength should be 1.5 N / mm 2 . The surface must be clean, dry and free from foreign materials such as dirt, oil, coating, surface curing materials.
  • Concrete surfaces should be removed from cement grout using abrasive equipment and an open porous surface should be obtained.
  • Weak concrete should be removed, blowholes and holes should be corrected with suitable ones from “Sikafloor, SikaDur and SikaGard products”.
  • The high places on the surface should be abraded, sanded and cleaned. All dust, loose and volatile particles on the application surface should be cleaned with a brush and vacuum cleaner.

4- Preparation of Materials:

  • Before applying; A + B components should be mixed for a minimum of 3 minutes until they become homogeneous. Electric mixers with a minimum power of 300-400 rpm should be used for mixing. First component A must be mixed thoroughly in itself. While component A is being mixed, component B is added. The mixed material should be taken into a clean container and mixed again for a short time.

5- Making electrostatically conductive self-leveling epoxy coating:

  • Sikafloor 156 epoxy primer will be applied. (0.5 kg / m²)
  • If desired, concave bevels will be made to the bottom of the walls and columns with epoxy-based mortar.
  • Following the drying of the primer, the mutually planned grounding connections are installed. (Sikafloor Earting Kit)
  • Sikafloor 220 W Conductive will be applied as a conductive layer with a consumption of approximately 80-100 gr and with a roller.
  • Sikafloor 262 AS will be applied with a notched trowel as the top coat, with a consumption of approximately 2-2.5 kg / m², and the process will be completed with a hedgehog roller application.
  • Although it depends on the air temperature; The application area can be opened to pedestrian traffic 24 hours after the end of the application and to light traffic after 3 days. The material gets fully cured within a week.

6- Measurement and Payment:

  • The amount of work to be done will be determined according to the quantity specified during the tender. However, it will be controlled by the measurement to be made before and after the manufacturing. Payment terms will be determined during the contract phase.

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